What Mentally Strong People Don’t Do?

Although we attach great importance to physical strength and health, mental health is at least as important. Numerous articles address entrepreneurs’ mental health, endurance, determination, optimism and failure tolerance. But these methods often don’t work, says the American author of Forbes.

1, Wasting time for self-pity

People who are mentally strong never complain about their circumstances or worry about how bad they are. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and they are aware that life is not always fair. They are able to consciously transcend trials and be grateful for the lessons learned. When a situation goes wrong, they simply say “Oh” or “Okay, the next one may come.” And they really move on.

2, Allow power over ourselves

Mentally strong people cannot afford the luxury of feeling bad for others. They understand that they have power over their own actions and feelings. They know that their strength lies in their ability to handle the way they react.

3, To stand in the way of change

Mentally strong people love change. Their biggest “fear”, if any, is not the unknown, but the complacency and the stunting.

4, Wasting energy on things that have no effect

Mentally ill people do not complain, or do not complain too much, about traffic, lost luggage or other people because they have realized that they do not depend on them. In such a bad situation, they realize that the only thing they can influence is their own reactions, their behavior.

5, Fear not to please others

Do you know someone who is constantly working on this? Perhaps the exact opposite, who does something else just to radiate power? Neither is a good solution because a mentally strong person behaves kindly and justly to please others, but is not afraid to express his or her own opinion. You need to be aware that you may not be in agreement with everyone and have to deal with it – with enough elegance.

6, Fear the risks

The mentally strong personality is willing to accept predictable risk. This is the exact opposite of when someone is going completely crazy at risk. A strong personality, before making decisions, carefully considers the risks and potential hazards and can prepare for both potential disadvantages and worst-case scenarios.

7, Reflect on the past

Learning about the past can be powerful, especially if we draw lessons from the knowledge of the present. But a strong personality does not waste his energy on thinking about past disappointments or the glory of the old days. They focus most of their energies on the present and the future.

8, Over and over again make the same mistakes

We all know the definition of insanity. Such a case may be if we keep doing the same thing while waiting for another, better result than before. A mentally strong personality wants to learn from the mistakes of the past. Research shows that self-reflection is one of the greatest strengths of spectacularly successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

9, Insult the success of others

It is a strong character if you feel real joy in the success of others. Mentally strong people have this ability. They are not jealous, they are not offended when something else comes together. Moreover, anyone can note what the individual has done for success and follow him or her.

10, To give up after a pitfall

Every failure is also a chance for improvement. Even the biggest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that they made a mistake early in their careers. Strong personalities are not afraid to make mistakes over and over again, if necessary, because lessons can be learned from each pitfall, which can ultimately bring you closer to your goal.

11, Fear of being alone

Strong personalities also appreciate the time they can spend alone. As long as they stop, they think, plan and increase their efficiency. More importantly, it does not depend on others for their happiness or mood. They can be happy in company and happy alone.

12, to feel that the world belongs to them

Particularly in today’s economy, managers and employees know that they do not have the salary, the cafeteria and the comfortable life, regardless of their qualifications and schools. Strong personalities come to life ready for work.

13, Immediately wait for success

Whether it’s a workout plan, a new diet, or starting a business, mentally strong people plan for the long term. They know that this is much better than waiting for immediate results. They divide their time and celebrate the milestones or when they managed to grow. They are persistent and understand that real change takes time.